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Voluntary Disclosure--Look Before you leap

Here are steps that every provider should consider before disclosing information to the government. After reviewing this advisory from Robert G. Homchick, Esq. from one of our law firms, we felt that it could be of great value to many of our readers. For more information contact Davis, Wright and Tremaine at berniethurber@dwt.com. The original posting date for this article was Aug 2008.

Enforcement Actions in FY 2013: the Department of Justice (DOJ) opened 1,013 new criminal health care fraud investigations involving 1,910 potential defendants. Federal prosecutors had 2,041 health care fraud criminal investigations pending, involving 3,535 potential defendants, and filed criminal charges in 480 cases involving 843 defendants. A total of 718 defendants were convicted of health care fraud-related crimes during the year.

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