Sustainable Growth Rate

What is the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) and How Does It Affect Medicare Payments?

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 included a provision to balance the Medicare budget by adjusting the dollar conversion factor by a complicated formula based on the following four items:

Telehealth Psychiatric Service (Resource 283)

Telehealth (also known as telemedicine) is playing an ever increasing roll in the reimbursement process. Internet services continue to expand and many insurance payers/providers are now covering (paying for) telehealth services. Telepsychiatry (providing behavioral health services in a telehealth environment) has been highly successful because video conferencing makes providing psych services as realitvely simply and inexpensive process.

Are you ready for testing?  CMS released  providers, suppliers, billing companies, and clearinghouses are welcome to submit acknowledgement test claims anytime up to the October 1, 2015, implementation date. In addition, CMS will be highlighting this testing y offering three separate weeks of ICD-10 acknowledgement testing. These special acknowledgement testing weeks give submitters access to real-time help desk support and allows CMS to analyze testing data. Registration is not required for these virtual events.


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