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Getting Ready for 2015

Despite promises that no new code additions would be made to ICD-10-CM before the October 1, 2015 implementation date, Find-A-Code has acquired a draft of a proposed block of codes for injuries relating to "paranormal forces" (X60-X69). It appears that these codes may be added to the full draft before October 1.  They fall into the "External Causes of Morbidity" chapter, and it should be noted that reporting external cause codes is voluntary in most states.

ICD-10-CM is Big

by Rick Lehtinen
Aug 10, 2011

Quick Questions - ICD-10-CM

March 12, 2014

Who, Outside of My Office, Do I Need to Talk to About the ICD-10 Transition?

Who, outside of my office, do I need to talk to about the ICD-10 transition?

CMS Makes ICD-10 Announcement - May 2014

On May 1, 2014, CMS released the following statement regarding ICD-10:

CMS Testing Dates Released - Don't Be Left Behind!

CMS is promoting three National ICD-10 testing Awareness Weeks.  Be sure to get involved early, as they have posted a ONE-TIME notice!  If you are not ready I suggest you get moving. 


To begin with you need to have access to ICD-10 codes.  If you don't already have access to an ICD-10 code set, take a look at InstaCode's ICD-10 coding books.  You can order one here

 More about testing with CMS, some important information and a few things to expect:

Of nearly 15,000 test claims received by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid for the first round of end-to-end ICD-10 testing, 81 percent were accepted, according to statistics revealed by the agency Wednesday.

There are several new features in ICD-10-CM. Watch for new features such as: 

Laterality (Left, Right, Bilateral)


•C50.511 – Malignant neoplasm of lower-outer quadrant of right female breast;

•H16.013 – Central corneal ulcer, bilateral; and

•L89.012 – Pressure ulcer of right elbow, stage II.

There are several new features in ICD-10-CM. Watch for these new features such as: 

Combination Codes

Combination Codes For Certain Conditions and Common Associated Symptoms and Manifestations


•K57.21 – Diverticulitis of large intestine with perforation and abscess with bleeding;

•E11.341 – Type 2 diabetes mellitus with severe nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy with macular edema; and

•I25.110 – Atherosclerotic heart disease of native coronary artery with unstable angina pectoris



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