Offering Discounts For Cash -- Safely

No titleJune 2011

One Fee Is Best Practice

You may be of the opinion that as a doctor you can charge what you want to charge. Of course, you should never overcharge, and no one should object to your charging a fair price for rendering your services. And if you want to give someone a break by taking a little less cash from someone who needs your

Discounting Fees Resources (Resource 110)

All healthcare providers need to be aware that there are both appropriate and inappropriate ways to discount your fees. Both state and federal laws can impact your practice financial policy regarding fee discounts. Additionally, we recommend carefully reviewing Chapter 1.5-Fees of the Behavioral Health DeskBook for important information on fee schedules and discounts.

How Important is Your Fee Schedule?

Did you know that inconsistent and un-reviewed fee schedules can lead to some of the following occurrences:

Prompt an audit or some level of claims review

Hardship Discounts

Insurance premiums and deductibles are going up and coverage seems to be going down. Even with ObamaCare, there will be plenty of folks out there without insurance or coverage for certain types of services. The shift, referred to by some as the “rise of the self-paying patient,” is creating nothing shy of a crisis for many healthcare providers.

Financial Management Resources (Resource 124)

When it comes to financial management, the following subjects of insurance should be understood, implemented and kept current:

It appears that the repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate formula (SGR) could finally be a real possibility. On Thursday, March 26, The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed H.R 2, The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act which includes both repeal and replace the flawed SGR formula that has caused a great deal of disruption to the Medicare payment system over the last several years. H.R.

Sustainable Growth Rate (Resource 230)

What is the Sustainable

Can You Charge for Requests for Records?

By Samuel A. Collins
Feb 2010


I am getting numerous requests for records from patients, attorneys and third parties. I believe I can charge for this, but how much can I charge and are there specific codes that must be used?


Fee Resources (Resource 171)

The establishment of appropriate fees for services is one of the greatest challenges in health care. You need to understand the following concepts:

Consumer Driven Plans (Resource 154)

Consumer Directed Healthcare Plans (CDHP) were developed as a way to shift the control of healthcare dollars from the insurance companies to the patient (consumer). The goal of these types of plans is to allow the patient to take a more active role in their own health and healthcare decisions in an effort to control costs.


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