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Reporting Laterality Still Requires Modifiers

One of the significant coding changes with ICD-10-CM was including laterality within the code itself. This concept should help reduce billing errors and claim denials. Interestingly, CMS issued a statement regarding the reporting of laterality in their provider newsletter (emphasis added).

UHIN offers an ICD-10 Peer Support Group. 

Q. How do I report ICD-10 codes on claims when the dates of service span from prior to 10/1/2015 to on or after 10/1/2015?

A.  Many payers are requiring claims with dates of service that span the October 1, 2015 implementation date to be split so that the services prior to 10/1/2015 are billed separately and utilize ICD-9 codes; services on and after 10/1/2015 are billed separately and utilize ICD-10 codes.

Check specific payer guidelines for processing claims for services that span the 10/1/2015 ICD-10 transition date.

Medicare has updated their provider educational tools for the Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) and the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). These tools were designed to help providers gain a greater understanding of these services. Learn what the required elements for these services as well as important coverage and coding information.

CLICK HERE to download "The ABCs of the Initial preventive Physical Examination (IPPE)" booklet.

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The change from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM is one of the biggest changes in health care reimbursement we have seen in a long time.

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This page is only a general listing of resources for procedure coding for behavioral health. More thorough and detailed explanations are found in Section H-Procedure Coding in the Behavioral Health MultiBook. Major revisions to this section of the Behavioral Health MultiBook for 2015 include Commonly Used Codes and Evaluation and Management.

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When you talk about coding and billing, “New” isn’t always “New.”


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