ChiroCode's Evaluation & Management Audit Training

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Do you struggle with trying to determine the proper level of E/M code to bill for New Patient and Existing Patient exams?
You don’t want to up-code but sometimes feel like you might be leaving money on the table by not billing for the higher level of exam because you’re not quite sure of the requirements for the History, Exam, and Medical Decision Making components?

Dr. Evan Gwilliam, Vice President of ChiroCode, has devised a simple, quantifiable tool to help chiropractors to make sure they are selecting the right E&M code.
In his 55 minute training video he will teach you how to use the E&M Audit Tool and show you how to conduct an E/M self-audit in just minutes, thus allowing you to feel confident in the level of code you are billing.

The audit tool (a full color, two-sided laminated card), and video training session are helpful for all doctors, whether you’re just starting your practice, or have been practicing for 20 years. Some of the comments we’ve heard from doctors that have taken the training include:
  • “The training and audit tool were extremely helpful because we weren’t taught this in chiropractic school.”
  • “Dr. Gwilliam’s E&M Coding for Chiropractic training session and audit tool has given me more confidence when I am billing new patient and existing patient exams.”
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