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It turns out that there is a whole batch of new external cause codes for "Exposure to supernatural forces." They are in a new block from X40-X49.  You might want to pass this on to your contacts.  You can review the new codes here: Proposed new ICD-10 codes for 2017!

Noteworthy examples include:

X42.221_ Struck by invisible jet

X42.41 Injury due to contact with kryptonite

X41.042 Injury due to force push or tractor beam 

The 7th character options are interesting too:

A- encounter with non-humanoid
B- encounter with humanoid
C- encounter with other or unspecified being
D- encounter with device – of non-terrestrial origin or manufacture
E- encounter with device – of terrestrial origin or manufacture
F- encounter with device if other or unknown origin or manufacture
S- encounter involving substance (organic, inorganic or unknown) of non-terrestrial origin
T- encounter involving substance (organic, inorganic or unknown) of terrestrial origin
U- encounter involving substance (organic, inorganic or unknown) of unknown origin