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Bill chronic care management (CCM) services on the last day of the calendar month the service was done. Therefore, if the service began in January, you would bill 99490 with the date of service as January 31. 

You cannot bill CCM for the care of a patient only due to having two chronic illnesses; to bill CCM, the chronic conditions must be showing significant risk of death, acute exacerbation, decompression or functional decline.

CCM has no face-to-face visit requirement - It is not a part of this service

Outside providers can bill CCM services - It is an incident-to service

CCM is not a capitated payment - You must provide at least 20 minutes of service per month

Keep time records

Inform the beneficiary when you start care

Watch Medicare and CPT for place-of-service rules

Docs will be singled out to use X modifiers

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