Yes, it’s true. There IS an ICD-10-CM code book written just for acupuncture.

People are often surprised when I tell them this. Most of the people I talk to have seen the thick, multi-colored books with teeny-tiny printing, published by a handful of publishers (hint: many of them are the same book with a different cover).

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ICD-10-CM is coming on like a freight train. If you are in the medical profession and you don’t know what ICD-10-CM is, you must have been in a coma for the last few years.

ICD-10-CM is a long overdue update to the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code set that was introduced over 25 years ago. Where ICD-9-CM had about 9,000 codes, ICD-10-CM has nearly 70,000 – an almost 10 fold increase. Many ICD-10-CM codes are much more specific than their ICD-9-CM counterparts.

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) uses a network of contractors called

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What to Do When Your Claim Is Lost

by Tom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA
January 2010

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No titleJune 2011

One Fee Is Best Practice

You may be of the opinion that as a doctor you can charge what you want to charge. Of course, you should never overcharge, and no one should object to your charging a fair price for rendering your services. And if you want to give someone a break by taking a little less cash from someone who needs your

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