Are You Compliant with the New HIPAA Regulations?

September 23rd, 2013 was the deadline for HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule compliance. It seems to have just snuck up on everybody. We have spoken with some clincis who say that they don't need to worry about it because ”they are just a small practice.” Please, do not wait any longer to get compliant! Small practices are being audited. Non-compliance fines are based on each infraction and for every single day not compliant. If you wait too long these fines can become overly burdensome, or even put a small practice out of business. So, where do you start? We've simplified it into three easy steps. To comply with the new HIPAA changes you need to Know, Train, and Take Action!

Step 1: Know

    Get the Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance book from ChiroCode Institute. This updated edition includes an EXCLUSIVE 6 page "Ominbus Rule Checklist" which identifies where to focus your attention. With it you can easily identify what has changed in the new HIPAA rules. The 45 customizable forms and the "Omnibus Rule Checklist" can be downloaded immediately upon purchase. You need to start using these forms right away.

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Step 2: Train

    We created a free Training Webinar on the HIPAA changes for those who purchase the Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance book. Ongoing training is a required component for HIPAA compliance.  This free webinar is an easy way to document your "Good Faith Efforts" in training.

Step 3: Take Action

    The most important action to take right away is to hand out updated Privacy Notice to Patients pamphlets and have these practices posted. The Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance publication contains the new Notice of Privacy Practices form you can print and distribute, but ChiroCode Institute has made it even easier... Get your new Privacy Notice to Patients with all of the new HIPAA privacy notification requirements conveniently pre-printed on a single tri-fold brochure.

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Recap: Get your copy of the Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance publication. Watch the Free HIPAA Webinar available with the purchase of the new manual. Get the new Privacy Notice to Patients pamphlets for your office. Take these steps and you will be able to demonstrate that you are making a "Good Faith Effort" to be up to date and compliant, and you will be well on your way to being prepared for an audit, and protected from non-compliance penalties.