How can I make sure new hires have not been in trouble with Medicare?

One of the many parts of the compliance program is to see if your current staff (including yourself, regular staff and associate doctors) have been placed on the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE).OIG has the authority to exclude individuals and entities from Federally funded health care programs and maintains a list (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities or LEIE)of all currently excluded individuals and entities. Anyone who hires an individual or entity on the LEIE may be subject to monetary penalties.

Type in Staffs name

If a name contains punctuation, you must include the punctuation in your search text. For example, if you are searching for the name "O'Connor," you must include the apostrophe.

An individual with a hyphenated name should be checked under each of the last names in the hyphenated name (e.g., Jane Smith-Jones should be checked under Jane Smith and Jane Jones, in addition to Jane Smith-Jones).

Print off the Sheet and place it in your compliance manual


To avoid liability, it is recommended to routinely check (every 3 months) the LEIE to ensure that new hires and current employees are not on the excluded list.

A great resource for additional information can be located in section F - Compliance in the Behavioral Health MultiBook.

Thanks to Christopher Anderson, DC MCS-P for this alert.